Monday, June 2, 2008

A Taste of Turkey

S let out a little yelp as he opened a package from his mom in the mail this past weekend. She sent something sweet and something sour:

Burma kadayif - rolled, shredded phyllo dough with pistachio in syrupy goodness.

Erik - tart green plums as the season winds down.

Turks like to eat these little plums with salt, but I thought I'd show him how Vietnamese eat their green fruits - with muoi ot, fresh chili pounded to a pulp with some fine sea salt. :)


nồi niêu said...

Hi Nguyen! Nice to know your blog! Very "đẹp & ngon" blog :)

Eileen said...

These green plums look... soar.
I'm squinting just looking at the picture. ><

q-pig said...

oh, my mouth is watering from the thought of sour things plus muoi ot.

miss you!

Tia said...

Cám ơn chị nồi niêu!

Hehehe. Surprisingly, they are not as sour as they look! Certainly not as cheek-puckering as green mangoes. :)

nồi niêu said...

Nguyễn, I am quite bad at English but I will try my best to reply if there is something you want to ask about my recipes. I love cookbooks in English, there are too many good cookbooks I want to explore (^^)

Your blog is clean and clear. I love it and want to try some. Thanks for sharing.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

Oooh, muoi ot! I always keep some in the fridge. I think the salt keeps the chili from spoiling b/c it lasts forever.

Tia said...

Thanks, Noi Nieu. It's a good thing that my Vietnamese is fluent enough to comprehend your blog content. Oh, your English is not bad at all!

WC - What a great tip! You must reap a lot of green fruits from your garden. :)