Thursday, May 1, 2008

Edamame Soba

Edamame is young soybean that is commonly eaten by boiling in water whole and seasoning with salt. I always have a bag in the freezer for a convenient appetizer or snack.

The local markets recently started carrying frozen bags of shelled edamame, which is very convenient when you want to use them in other dishes.

These beautiful jewels have such a nice bite to them that makes it fun and addictive to eat. S made Google's Edamame Hummus a while back, so I thought I'd try something new with these pods. I boiled about half a bag and shelled them to add to my zaru soba.

A yummy and healthful dish but definitely not satisfying enough for a main course. I think this would be a nice side dish for my next yakiniku party. :)


Wandering Chopsticks said...

It looks lovely but I don't think I could fill up on that either. I need meat. I like edamame plain best. But last summer I had a nice Chinese cold noodle dish with edamame, chicken, strips of egg omelet. That was filling on a hot day. But wait, every day is hot in Florida. ;)

Tia Nguyen said...

Oh, that sounds good! I'd be satisfied with any grilled protein thrown into the mix. :)

emily said...

What did you use to season this dish? Mmmm I have a bag in my freezer too. :)

Tia Nguyen said...

E - I wanted a quick and light dinner, so I basically prepared it like the zaru soba. Alternatively, I think this can be a good stir-fry dish with some bean sprouts and shrimp/tofu! :)